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With the increasing number of certified public accountants, the market demand for these professionals has gone down. Effective marketing strategies have been developed to help find recruitment opportunities of accountants. These approaches have been proven to be efficient. The first step in marketing for accountants is by the use of social media platforms such as Twitter to advertise and publicize about the accounting firm. These platforms are used globally and advertisements can reach as many people as possible. Individual accountants are advised to join accounting firms which help them to get exposure to potential clients. The use of bulk email strategy is another effective and efficient method that can help an accounting firm get clients and recommendations. Emails sent should have content that relate to financial news and updates. Emailing prospective clients and random people exposes an accounting firm to the potential clients.read_more_from_ Websites are also right platforms to reach clients and market accounting services. Sites can be maintained and regularly updated with quality content in the financial and accounting matters. Websites attract more clients depending on the content that it provides. Websites also provide contact information and services offered by an accounting firm. Starting a blog that consistently updates on accounting issues is an excellent strategy of creating market grounds for certified public accountants. The blog should progress and provide quality information that clients can find useful for their business accounting. Blogs attract more clients and increases the chances of being hired by companies. Blogs should also talk about the quality services offered by an accounting firm or individual certified public accountants. Accountants should also update on the blog about their previous clients and the services they have provided to them. This enhances accountability and trust between prospects and the accounting firm. It also gives potential clients an avenue to find out about the accounting firm's track records from previously served clients.  Individual certified public accountants can also join together and create a strong team with diverse skills that can be delivered to clients on request. Academic excellence and competence also increases the chances of getting markets for accountants.read_more_from_ Accounting firms should recruit accountants with good reputations and good communication and work skills. The competence of accountants in an accounting firm increases the demand of their services. Companies that offer quality accounting services get a lot of referrals. The strategies mentioned are the most effective methods of marketing for certifies public accountants and accounting firms.read_more_from_